Monday, October 31, 2011

good timing and better surprises

I have some fantastic news!

Just last night, I was talking to a few friends about this sponsorship letter that I was working on, to let friends and family know about what I will be doing in Hawaii...

As you will know through reading my other posts, I do not enjoy asking for money. So this task has not been an easy one, which has resulted in my postponing it for quite some time now!

... This conversation basically consisted of me listing my fears about whether-or-not God saying He was going to provide for me involved asking for money or not. My dear friend clarified these fears very well, basically saying, that ...

When I do my part by informing people of what I'm doing and that I need financial support, God can than provide through putting it on the hearts of people that are meant to support me financially. (And He may throw a few surprises in there as well!)

Last night I was journaling about this, and asked God that He renew my faith in Him to give me the finances I need for YWAM. 
This morning I came downstairs and there was an envelope on the computer saying "YWAM" on it. My Mum said that she had told a couple that regularly comes into her Starbucks, about my trip. They had been praying about it, and decided that they wanted to help support me for YWAM. They gave me $200 for me to put toward whichever YWAM costs I need it for!

How AMAZING is that?!

God provided me with finances just when I was beginning to doubt if that is what He wants for me. He has simultaneously provided for me, and renewed my faith that that is His desire for me! 
Oh my glory, how I  love Him!

More posts shortly!

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  1. Becca! This is well good! God is faithful but the crazy thing is- He is faithful when when we are not faithful. But good job being faithful in the little. keep going on your effort to raise supporters!
    See you in a month,