Wednesday, October 12, 2011

why, thank~ya!

Time for an update? I think so!

Since my last post, there have been some grande things happening.

There's this crazy situation that I find myself getting into... Now, keep in mind this has only happened 2-3 times to me as of yet; but each time I discuss with someone my finances and how I believe God is going to provide them, I get home to find that that is exactly the case!
For instance, I was talking with my good friend about YWAM and all the costs I had to find a way to pay for and that I was trusting God to give them to me. I came home to find an email from my Grandparents saying they were going to help me with some of my costs.. now HOW exciting is that?! They have given me a huge leg-up with my flight, so thank-you to you!

Another lovely bit of news, is that I have gotten a letter from YWAM saying I don't need a visa : ) Its a small bit of news, but it takes some stress off, which is always a good thing.

Its crazy how good God is, He has totally been coming through on so many things, and right when I need them!
I love how encouraging He is, I'm learning so much more about the loving and caring God he is and how much he cares about me and the biggest to smallest details of my life.
Now how awesome is that?

More updates as they come,

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