Monday, August 06, 2012

a change in purpose

This blog will no longer be detailing my life in Missions. 
To follow my work with Youth With A Mission and other missions work, please follow me on:

Thank you for being such dedicated followers and I look forward to you continuing to support this journey that I am on.
This blog will now become a personal blog, along the lines of my artwork and other creative pursuits.

Much love,

Friday, January 06, 2012

the flight to SAN FRAN...

I'm currently flying over Hays Kansas, on my way to San Francisco where I'll take a connecting flight to Kona, Hawaii.
The past three days have been full of “goodbyes” and “see you later's.” Last night some of my fabulous friends were able to come bye last-minute and have a Goodbye Party. One of my favourite nights of the holiday, with lots of laughter, music and a few tears. Then this morning, my Mum and baby sis drove me to the airport and my friend Leigh was able to come and say goodbye as well. It has been so wonderful being surrounded by people that love me and that I love, definitely one of the best feelings ever to know how loved you are. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!
Shockingly enough, I managed to keep the tears at bay during all the goodbyes... but as a friend predicted: Soon as I was on the plane, there they were.
I can't decide if its good or bad, to only have strangers witness my little melt-down. Either way, the emotions are there, but its time to move on from the sadness of leaving to the excitement about going. And it is SO exciting! After all, what really is there not to be excited about?! ...Maybe the cockroaches?
Aside from that, I'm looking forward to everything! I finally get to meet my leaders, and all the wonderful people in my school. I'm so looking forward to the lectures, and just growing in so many ways, most of which I can't even begin to predict. Worship every day... The FRUIT!
And Hawaii's not half bad either, right?
I just finished watching Footloose, and I have to warn you all. Sitting in a plane makes it extremely hard and awkward to dance along... I recommend choosing a better venue. It is, however, AMAZING! Oh to live in a town where barn dancing, and just general dancing, is the norm... assuming I would be good at it, otherwise, that would just be embarrassing... For now, I am toe-tapping and listening to my country music <3

I am so expectant for what God has planned for me in these next 6 months. I can't wait to just deal with all the junk and get on with living the way he intended for my life. Considering he designed me and placed the desires in my heart, and I am pretty sure that living the way he intended is the best possible decision a person can make! I don't even know specifically what I'm expecting to have happen. Its simply a gut-feeling, I just know it will be REALLY GOOD! I know there will be life-long friendships, that I will fall madly in love with God, that I will grow in unbelievable and exponential ways, and that I will be forever changed and changing for the better.
I can't wait to see where I am going on my Outreach Trip, but I'm also perfectly content to live in the moment, and enjoy every second of my time in Hawaii.
I definitely want to learn how to surf and scuba dive, whether I will have the time or not is a different story, but just swimming in the ocean with all the sea-life teaming beneath me, *sigh* does it get any better?!

I am about 2 hrs out from the end of this leg of the journey, and then a 2 hr wait and then off to Kona. I'll arrive at 7:45pm local time... later than I'd like. But! I realized that I will see the sun setting as we're flying into Hawaii (Sun sets at 6pm), so that is pretty amazing! Too bad I won't get to see all the palm trees and oceanscape in the daylight, but what a surprise for the morning!

Monday, January 02, 2012


Well, vacationing time has come to an end. These past few days have been some of the best, I got to spend tons of time with my wonderful friends and connect up with some people before hopping on the plane!

Speaking of which. Packing. Its becoming a bit of an issue. Meaning, I have yet to start?

Its surprisingly emotional for me too pack, it means that I'm actually leaving. As much as I am over-the-moon about going, the leaving part is much harder than I expected. It feels a bit like I'm packing up my life, which I am, it just feels a lot more daunting than it has before. 

BUT lets focus on the important thing: 
I leave in
        3 days for Hawaii !
and I am SO EXCITED!!!

I suppose, if I am to arrive with my things, I should stop writing this post and start packing

So I will say "goodbye" and get to it... 


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Happy Christmas Eve

Ahoy-hoy y'all!
This weekend er a series of awesome events.
# 1 Winter drive-in with my boys. I love you all SO much, and ska miss ya like crazy! But It was epic, and our new tradition ... Det next hour, I er wearing multiple pairs of socks to Avoid freezing my Toes off again:) 
# 2 Last shift at work! It was sat to say goodbye to the people, Saying Goodbye To The workload om? Not quite so sad. :) 
# 3 Christmas EVE! duh. Got two Chillax with family, and I'm now working on my quilt!  
Keep on tracking along people, just 12 DAYS TILL HAWAII!

Much love, and MERRY CHRISTMAS

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2 weeks left!

I am UNBELIEVABLY excited! But better still, I have good news! I am just a few hundred dollars short of having my ENTIRE TUITION FEE PAYED-OFF! Thanks to all who have given to me, it means the world to know that you want to be a part of this journey, and I will think of you all while I am on it! You are truly a blessing to me : )
Thanks to a dear friend, I have reunited with my quilt-making, and aim to complete it in just 3 days! God-willing it will still turn out beautifully : )
I am about to run-off to work (only 3 shifts left!) and then its time for a packed-full social life for the next 2 weeks. 
Unfortunately some "goodbyes" have already had to happen, with people scurrying around for the holidays, but as my friend Anners put it "You have to say 'goodbye' before you can say 'hello'." So we're gonna run with that one for now. 

Love you all dearly!
Enjoy the holidays folks, and I will talk to you soon,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

oh the fruit

I am JUMPING UP-AND-DOWN with excitement and nervousness. I leave for YWAM in just:
3 weeks.
Can you believe it? I can't.

This week I was asked what I am most excited for. I could rattle off a whole list of things, but I've realized what is most important to me. And I am very happy with my answer:
I can't wait to hyper-speed my relationship with God. I have this idea of who I am designed to be, but there's this junk in the way that is 'blocking' me from getting from "here" to "there". I believe this will be the "to-there" part. I can't wait to grow deeper and deeper in love with God, and who He's created me to be, and to honor him by being exactly that!
As for the other tons of things on my list?
I get to meet all these AMAZING people that will be a part of and staffing this school. I get to be fully engrossed in God. I get to eat fruit ALL THE TIME!
If you don't believe how excited I am about the fruit... I google'd for a solid 30min, the local fruit in Hawaii... just so I know exactly what to look forward too
I get to be by one of my all-time loves: the ocean! I get to see a place I've never been too. I get to walk in the sand. I get to have a new sense of independence. I get to worship God all the time (I try now, but its just going to be a totally different atmosphere). I get to be ministered to. I get to minister to others. I get to free myself from anything holding me back.
I mean really. Wouldn't you be excited too?

Now, after saying this, which is my main brain-wave when thinking about YWAM. I do feel like saying a little something to friends and family who are with me here.
I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU! I love you all so much more than I can even explain or probably understand. I wish I could pack you up in my suitcase and bring you with me. AS much as excitement is absorbing most of my thought-time, there is still way more space than I would like, that is filled with sadness that I am leaving you.
I'm sure there will be a bunch of tears of all different sorts (consider yourself fairly warned) when I have to say goodbye, and when I come back as well.
But I am trusting and praying that our lives be abundant and full of joy and friendships and that we have a bazillion number of stories to share whenever we can.

So with that, its time for bed.
Blessings and Love,

Friday, December 09, 2011

small & mighty

Just under 4 weeks now folks!
It is insane, how excited I am... and everyone else for that matter! I'm having to make a conscious effort not to be jumping up-and-down on a regular basis... but who knows, maybe that will just become my exercise for the day if I can no longer keep it under control!

Most of my checklist has been checked, in terms of preparing to go. I've got all my medical records and Tuberculosis clearances, insurance has been bought, and flight has been booked (well in advance of now). Its actually kind of sad that everything's done. This likely sounds weird, but with nothing to keep me racing around with things to do, I feel like a sitting-duck, just waiting for this amazing chapter in my life to finally get here! The next few weeks are bound to go by quickly though, as I cram in as much time with my friends and family as possible before I leave. Especially with all my uni-friends all coming back the same week, my schedule is bound to be packed full. Thank Heavens!
For a while, I was feeling really discouraged by the amount of money that's come in for this trip, but with prayer from a whole bunch of people, my encouragement has gone way up, and I've been getting a lot of responses with helping me financially! So you all know who you are, and I thank you dearly! You've been a huge encouragement to you, and I am sure God will bless you hugely for it! 
As you regulars will know, I've been connecting up with the youth on facebook. We've all been experiencing an amazing amount of support and our prayer network has been so incredible. I'm actually just going to brag slightly about it, because I'm just so proud of us...the leaders and speakers have noticed how unusual and exciting it is to see what we have going, and everyone is really excited to see how God will be using this group! Apparently a "small but mighty" team has been the resounding description for us, and I think its awesome! It looks like there will be about 40 of us. So in my opinion, its the perfect size group!
I am about to pass-out from exhaustion, and I wouldn't want to drop my new laptop (uh-huh! I gots meself a good deal, and in perfect timing, as my old one is on the brink of dying out on me!). 

Alright then, nighty-night!

God bless,