Friday, December 09, 2011

small & mighty

Just under 4 weeks now folks!
It is insane, how excited I am... and everyone else for that matter! I'm having to make a conscious effort not to be jumping up-and-down on a regular basis... but who knows, maybe that will just become my exercise for the day if I can no longer keep it under control!

Most of my checklist has been checked, in terms of preparing to go. I've got all my medical records and Tuberculosis clearances, insurance has been bought, and flight has been booked (well in advance of now). Its actually kind of sad that everything's done. This likely sounds weird, but with nothing to keep me racing around with things to do, I feel like a sitting-duck, just waiting for this amazing chapter in my life to finally get here! The next few weeks are bound to go by quickly though, as I cram in as much time with my friends and family as possible before I leave. Especially with all my uni-friends all coming back the same week, my schedule is bound to be packed full. Thank Heavens!
For a while, I was feeling really discouraged by the amount of money that's come in for this trip, but with prayer from a whole bunch of people, my encouragement has gone way up, and I've been getting a lot of responses with helping me financially! So you all know who you are, and I thank you dearly! You've been a huge encouragement to you, and I am sure God will bless you hugely for it! 
As you regulars will know, I've been connecting up with the youth on facebook. We've all been experiencing an amazing amount of support and our prayer network has been so incredible. I'm actually just going to brag slightly about it, because I'm just so proud of us...the leaders and speakers have noticed how unusual and exciting it is to see what we have going, and everyone is really excited to see how God will be using this group! Apparently a "small but mighty" team has been the resounding description for us, and I think its awesome! It looks like there will be about 40 of us. So in my opinion, its the perfect size group!
I am about to pass-out from exhaustion, and I wouldn't want to drop my new laptop (uh-huh! I gots meself a good deal, and in perfect timing, as my old one is on the brink of dying out on me!). 

Alright then, nighty-night!

God bless,

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