Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Happy Christmas Eve

Ahoy-hoy y'all!
This weekend er a series of awesome events.
# 1 Winter drive-in with my boys. I love you all SO much, and ska miss ya like crazy! But It was epic, and our new tradition ... Det next hour, I er wearing multiple pairs of socks to Avoid freezing my Toes off again:) 
# 2 Last shift at work! It was sat to say goodbye to the people, Saying Goodbye To The workload om? Not quite so sad. :) 
# 3 Christmas EVE! duh. Got two Chillax with family, and I'm now working on my quilt!  
Keep on tracking along people, just 12 DAYS TILL HAWAII!

Much love, and MERRY CHRISTMAS

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