Friday, October 28, 2011

write it. sign it. date it.

I'm making friends, guys!

So my last post, was a little dreary. But since then, I feel like there has been a huge shift
For myself, and those who didn't read that post (tsk tsk) I'll recap just a bit. Basically I wasn't doing great, I was really sad about leaving home, and was really not used to that entire concept, and why now I was feeling 'homesick' when that has never been an issue for me in the past. 

I have had SUCH major 'break through' this past week. I pretty much wrote down everything negative I was feeling, told (wrote) God that I was giving it over to him, signed and dated it. Formal I know, but I have found (in the 2 times I have done this) that the visual reminder that you've handed over your burdens to God, to be very effective. I then wrote down how I wanted to feel and the positive things that I know to be true about myself, my life, and the upcoming things in my life. Signed. Dated. Again, it may sound cheesy, and I'm sure it is, but choosing to lay down all the things that God says we're not meant to carry, and choosing all that is good that God does want for us, is a huge deal! Write it, sign it, date it. To me, it gives the words you've said authority and it gives you proof. So that when your feeling gross or guilty or fearful, you can look at the piece of paper and say "No. I chose to put these feelings aside, and let God deal with them, so I don't need to feel this way. Its taken care of." and THEN you get to turn the page and be like, "Hey! This is what God has said I am, and I know its true, because he only speaks the truth, so I can choose to feel this way instead!" As cheesy as it may be, who doesn't want it to be just that simple?!

Now here's the great stuff that has happened since (or around) that note:

  • I have been so happy and excited, once again for this trip I'm going on (which is really rather important)
  • I've started making a quilt! Which I am bringing to Hawaii, so some of my friends/family are donating clothes to help out, so they can be there with me! (Cheese-ball, I know!)
  • Today I found out a cheap phone plan for while I'm away, which was a huge learning curve for me. My dad has always been the one to help me out with these things, and I decided to try and figure it out myself, so I'm really very proud of myself  :D
  • I will also be meeting up, for free, with a lady whose going to help me sort out my bank account so its the easiest for when I'm in the states. So that will be a new learning experience as well!
  • The students in my DTS have all started to connect and get to know each other a bit more through facebook! (I am seriously so excited to meet everyone and see what God is going to do in all of our lives!) Hence the intro sentence. I don't know if anyone but us, can appreciate how exciting it is, to be getting to know these crazy-awesome people that your about to become best friends with. And I truly believe these are going to be lifelong friendships, so its all very, VERY exciting!

So that is the update! I will keep-on keeping you posted!

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