Sunday, November 06, 2011

part of the glue

Dearest humans that read this blog, 
I am sorry that its taken me this long to post something new, I really wasn't sure what to write about! There have been some wonderful mini-blessings, a few melt-downs, and then some bigger blessings. All of which were very scattered and spread-apart, so I wasn't sure how to collect them into a single post. But I now have some glue to hold them all together!
Recap on the blessings: $200 from random Starbucks regulars. Mother pays insurance. ! WOOT
To start off with, I have to pay tribute to my lovely mother. Hopefully she doesn't mind me posting this on the internet, but seeings as I have only kind things to say.. I suppose i can't get in too much trouble : ) (love you mum!)
This woman has been more of a blessing than I can fairly describe! She has this mother's intuition that exceeds "my child is crying in her room alone", to knowing when I need an extra pick-me-up and somehow knowing exactly what the looks like. The other day we went to do an exchange of pants-to-hiking-shoes. Shoes are not generally a fun thing for my odd feet to become friends with, so its a very long process and an expensive one which was money I did not want to be spending. So what happens? We go through the whole process of trying on 10,000 pairs of shoes, and settle on a really great pair. I stressed-out about buying them all the way too and past the cash register. Get in the car. Mum says she'll cover off whatever wasn't covered already by returning my pants! AWESOME. She's also said she wants to give me a monthly allowance while I'm away, which is superb! (I can now do laundry folks!... all my roommates i'm sure, will be very pleased). Isnt' she awesome?! I think so. LOVE YOU MUM!!! <3
So that's Part 1 of "The Glue" dun-duhn-duhnnnnnnnn.....

PART 2 of "The Glue": meeting with financial adviser (duh-nuhnnnnnnn)
This lady is another wonderful human! She met up with me to help me sort out bank accounts and all the technicalities surrounding paying for YWAM. And then, like it was nothing, whips off ideas for about half-an-hour about all the things I could do to fundraise for my trip. I think I may have come-up with 1 in the amount of time it took her to come up with a solid 5. Getting these all rolling maybe an entirely different story, and there is still the whole process of praying through them and hearing what God wants me to do. It was just so great to get that creative wheel spinning though, and starting to think about what I can actually do for this. So encouraging! 
She is a great woman who has totally helped me to see that what I'm doing is something people want to support, cause as much as I have been supported, there can still be that lingering thought that maybe I shouldn't be asking for help. And that's not cool, because everyone needs help, and we all need to be OK with asking for it! 

PART 3 of "The Glue" (can you tell I get a kick out of the "the glue"...?):
So I finally have had the glorious opportunity of going to church this morning (my job has generally kept me from this for the past 2-3 months)! IT was FANTASTIC, and a wonderful set of events made this Sunday even better than I could have expected. 
For those of you who may not have grown up knowing what "prophecy" is, I'll do my best to give you a brief explanation here, so my story is that much cooler! 
Prophecy: is basically God speaking to a person and giving them insight, encouragement, instructions, or a prediction, if you will, over someone else's life. It is always supposed to be an uplifting and encouraging thing! So if you've gotten deep, scary, twisty ones in your life, chances are its wrong! :)
Anywho, back to my story! So today another wonderful lady (I have a lot of these in my life, its truly grande) prophesied over me. Here is the basics of what she said:
God is taking me into a new place, and that I shouldn't be worried or stressed over how to prepare for this or the things that I need to get done. That I just need to be in His presence, and be listening to His voice and reading His words. That He will bring in everything that I need and all I need to do is just to spend time with Him. 
This is more amazing than you may know. Because this week, while there has been so many obvious positives, has been tough. It can almost be addictive, being blessed by God, because you just want more! And I am sure that's a good thing. But being a human, I've managed to turn it into a stressful thing. Instead of just reminding myself that God does bless me and that I don't need to worry about when the next one will come because He has been so faithful in blessing me already.. there is no need to worry

Essentially "the moral of the story" is to be reminded by the blessings in your life, that there are more to come! There is no credit-limit on what God is capable and eager to do in your life. Or mine. He just wants to spend time with His kids, for us to remember that He is there, that He loves us, and that His one desire is to see us become people that are so totally soaked in His glory and His love that we can no longer contain ourselves! 

So folks! Lets remember God this week. Spend time with Him, love Him and let Him love us back! It'll be
fun, I can guarantee it : )

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