Saturday, November 26, 2011

picture time?

So my wonderful leaders have started to send out weekly emails so that we can start to see some more pictures of our future home!
I was debating on sharing them now, or posting my own when I get there. But I figure, since I'll be caught up in the excitement, I should cover my bases and post them now : ) Plus more is always merrier when it comes to pictures, so here they are! 

Mauka movie theater
Makua Theatre - On Campus Movie Theatre
Campus Banyan Tree cafe
Banyan Tree Cafe - On Campus Coffee House
Campus tree house ship
Treehouse at Banyan Tree Cafe
Campus prayer room
Prayer Room
We might get to enjoy this too
Kailua Bay
DTS Dorm Building
Breakfast (all meals outdoors!)

I'll keep y'all posted with the updates!

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