Saturday, September 10, 2011

opportunity unlocked

So, no big deal, but...

My application to YWAM Kona, Hawaii is OFFICIALLY submitted.

:0 AHH!

Chances are you have no idea how exciting this is for me, but it is crazy. This means in just 4 months, I could be ... "leaving, on a jet plane" ... to Hawaii for 3 months and then on to the mysterious locations in Asia and sub-continental India for another 3 months. All of which, I've never had the pleasure of traveling too before.

would you not be excited too? ... lets actually get a bit interactive here... What's the most exciting place you've ever been/traveled too? I'm sure this question will only result in my being slightly envious of you, but all the same.... do tell!

Well, back to business. So here's a, hopefully little, write-up of whats led me to apply to the University of the Nations (the legit name for YWAM Kona.... can you tell I'm excited enough that I just want to repeat "YWAM Kona" as often as possible? I'll try to resist).

I first heard about YWAM nearly 2-years ago now at my old Church youth group. At the time I was vaguely interested, but thought it was a drama group more than anything, so I soon forgot about it.

Then in early August when my mum's friend came to visit, I told her that I really wanted to go to Hawaii for a vacation and learn how to surf. It turned out that "S" had been to both Holland and Hawaii with YWAM and she encouraged me to apply.

At first, I wasn't extremely interested, but promised to check it out. That night, as I prayed about it I asked God to make sure that I only apply if its on my heart because He's put it there, and not out of any sense of obligation to "S". The next morning I looked at the website again and found that there were trips going out to Nepal that worked in orphanages, the exact thing I felt I had been called to do since reading the book The Little Princes. So confirmation, I felt had been given. Still aware that I wanted to only grow excited about this opportunity if it was from God, I went into the rest of the day asking for even more confirmation.

I believe everyone will view 'confirmation' from God differently, but He is obviously very aware of that, and therefore will confirm in the way that we are familiar, which is exactly what has been happening for me.

Throughout that same day, time and time again, the concept of running an orphanage and being lined up with travel occurred. By that evening I felt thoroughly excited, and its only been growing since then.

Things that I expected to take forever to happen, have been moving at lightning speed, and my excitement has continually been increasing. As well, my heart for the areas I will be travelling to has been growing so much so, that I would want to look into them more seriously, even if YWAM is not something that is destined for this year.

I am so truly excited for this season of my life. Things have been flowing so wonderfully, and my faith has grown so much as a result of it. Even sharing this would have been difficult for me just a little while ago, and now I can't wait to tell you even more about the things I'm learning and growing in.

Can't wait to chat more.. and seriously. What is the craziest place you've ever been too? I'm really quite curious now.

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