Sunday, September 25, 2011

budget support : )

Hi ya'll

So I've been debating over the past few days what the best way is to ask for support on this journey of mine. First and foremost, prayer is a definite! Knowing there are people praying for safety and blessing on this trip is so encouraging, and the best support I can ask for.

I generally don't do well with asking for help in the whole financial department, so this isn't something that comes lightly for me. So please, only give if you feel that what I am doing is something you wish to support. If I were giving to myself, I would want to know what I would be contributing too. So I've decided to give you guys all the cost information for this trip.

DTS: Costs

Flight (one-way to Hawaii):
CAD $491.62

Lecture Phase (Includes: food, board, tuition):
USD $3,995.00

Outreach (Includes: flight, insurance, food, board): 
USD $4,000 - $6,000

Insurance (for time in Hawaii): 
CAD $225.00 - $294.00

Highest Possible Total:

If you would like to contribute financially please email me at:, or post a comment.
If there is a specific part of my journey that you feel you want to give to, just let me know in the email or subject heading.
If there is an interest from people than Ill sort out a way for people to make contributions directly through the blog! Also, I'll try and keep people posted on how much money I've raised for my trip.. if you have any suggestions for fundraising let me know!
My goal is to get my outreach phase covered, anything above that would be superb!

Thanks so much, and please keep following!

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