Friday, September 02, 2011

a first

So this is my first entry into the blogging world. How exciting!

Most people ( I think?) have some sort of motivation behind beginning a blog. So I thought I'd let you in on my little secret. I'm not a poet, though I do occasionally scribble down a little something. I'm not a musician, though my friends and I love writing music, and I played flute, play piano, and attempt guitar. I'm not an artist, even though I sketch and paint pretty often.

I'm not a lot of things. But I am one. I am a traveler. Have I done a ton of it? Compared to most people my age, maybe. But is it enough? Nope. What else am I? I am someone who wants to bring joy to people. To me, joy= God, or vice-versa... either way my joy comes from Him, so I figure they're essentially interchangeable.
My goal is to bring (through God) as much joy as possible, to everyone I come in contact with on my travels.

My first step in achieving this, in as safe a way as possible (don't you hate how that's a concern these days?), is applying to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii.
How stoked would you be? A 3-month stay in Kona doing a ministry training and personal development school, and then onto a 3-month stay over sees, somewhere in Asia and sub-continental India.

So there you have it. My original motivation for starting this blog.
Those of you willing to follow along, will be second-hand-witnesses to the adventure that may, or may not (dun-dun-duhn) unfold.

The beginning adventure to a lifetime of meaningful travel.
I know I am excited. So much so, that even the smallest things in my mind, deserves a whole post! But I figure you may not be nearly as excited as I am... just yet!

So soon enough, you'll have a short little list of all the craziness that led up to this decision, and the steps that I have taken so far to make this little dream come even closer to a wonderful reality.

Can't wait? Me neither.

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